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Fly fishing rods for sale
Fly fishing rods for sale

Fly fishing rods for sale

Fly fishing rods for sale,we are fly fishing rods manufacturer and supplier,we have fly rods factory.we sale fly fishing rods world wide.
  • *Brand:Leichi
  • *Original Place:ShanDong of China (Mainland)
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customized  fly fishing rods
1. japan Toray carbon nano resion blank
2. 3A cork handle
3. wooden insert alu reel seat
4. pacbay or Seaguide guides
5. carbon rod tube
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The new fly rod is so far ahead of all other fly rods it skips generations in how a fly rod should feel, cast, and fish. Our steelhead rod is so sublimely light, incredibly responsive, deadly accurate, and just plain easy and enjoyable to cast that to compare it to other graphite rods is like comparing graphite to bamboo. There is no comparison.
greatest feel of action for more accurate and longer casts
superior sensitivity and responsiveness
the strongest fly rod on the market
loads quickly, crisply, but nimbly
supremely-balanced feel
unmatched fish-fighting power
better tracking for dry flies and nymphing
smoother transition of power
reduced casting fatigue
exclusive first-ever thermoplastic, thermoset resins from tip to butt
Precision Power Taper
corrosion-resistant woven graphite & gold-anodized aluminum reel seat
flexible recoil guides
titanium frame stripping guide
translucent-olive finish
highest grade cork handle
carbon rod tube

1. Why our rod factory only make fly rod?

We are the only fishing rod factory in China that only makes fly rod. For 10 years. We only dedicated for making the best quality fly rod. Most of the rod factory can make various fishing rod. However our factory is established to meet the high end market for fly rod

2. What is the difference for our fly rod comparing to the other

All of the fly rods in this list are made of high modulus, low resin Toray carbon fiber from Japan.

Through the advancements of materials, technology and engineering design, We are able to produce High-modulus, high-strain-rate rods. These new high-tech fishing rods are super-light, responsive, and extremely sensitive and strong.

these high-modulus, high-strain-rate, thin-walled rods are extremely strong and are highly unlikely ever to break under normal use. 

There is a 100% graphite rod. Not a mix of graphite and fiberglass.

The high-modulus, high-strain-rate, extremely light rods are usually a rod manufacturer’s high-end product. These rods are the ultimate in responsiveness and sensitivity, and they cost a lot more than the average fishing rod. 

The blank is made with hand-made carbon helical internal core. So the blank is super light, strong and flexile,

all of the rods are made in our sample making workshop which is composed of the best 15 technical workers.



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  • Lily: I received my reels and fly boxes today and all the products exceeded my expectations. What great products. I will certainly be putting in more orders. I appreciate all your hard work and dedication to ensure I received these reels. If you have a comments page, I would love to comment on it about the quality of the reels. They certainly exceeded my expectations. Sincerely Troy A Knutson

    Troy A Knutson, France

  • this company is great to work with and has great customer service. Thanks for everything Hawking!

    Justin Harding,UK

  • You have been an excellent supplier and I have recommended you to many of my fishing friends to contact you, and given out your email address. I have recently medically been deemed technically blind, so any future fishing purchases will no longer be useful to me, but I will continue to advertise your excellent presence wherever possible

    John Morton, USA.

  • Congratulations on the new site! It has become more beautiful and more convenient:)

    Vadim, USA.

  • I have been dealing with your company for some time and appreciate service. Web site is looking good and easy for me to see products. Big improvement.thank you Jim

    Jim, UK

  • You are one of the very best fly fishing tackle companies in China, with very good prices and quality fly gear. Ive been happy with fly reels and lines I've purchased from you. Keep like youve been doing and Ill be doing a lot more business with you in the future. Thank you and - keep going the direction youre going - you are doing great. Jack

    Jack Harell


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We are specialists in fishing tackle and gear especially, fly fishing, supplying top quality products worldwide. Our efficient production management and quality control systems, provide you high quality products at low prices.

Our goal of satisfying customers 100% has allowed us to grow from a one product company into a progressive organization with several lines of world class, high quality fishing and outdoor related products. We sincerely hope to establish a mutually profitable relationship with you for the long run.

We are the No.1 fly fishing tackle supplier in China.
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We are specialists in fishing tackle and gear especially fly fishing, supplying top quality fly reels,fly rods,fly lines,fly Box,fly tying tools,fly tying materials and fishing tools worldwide. 

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